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    "Marriages can become challenging, couples can fall out of love. Marriage counselling techniques can help recreate loving feelings."
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    "I’m very comfortable discussing what may be difficult topics for you, such as depression, anxiety and sexuality."
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Marriage Counselling in Toronto

Marriage counselling is a labour of love.

I’ve spent years learning what marriage counselling techniques work, and it seems to have paid off, judging by what my clients tell me.

Couples who arrive for marriage counselling in my Toronto office sometimes tell me they saw another counsellor and it didn’t help, but that their relationship has improved since they have been seeing me. I understand how marriages can become challenging when couples can fall out of love, and have discovered marriage counselling techniques to help them recreate loving feelings.

I have done relationship counselling with blended families, to help them understand how to improve communications and learn how to put the relationship first for the ultimate good of both them and the children (really, modelling a good marriage is the absolute best thing you can do for your kids). I know that it’s even possible, with good marriage counselling, to rebuild a strong marriage or relationship after an affair.

People tell me I’m open, caring, friendly and direct, and maybe that’s why I went into the field of marriage counselling and other areas of helping people in in my downtown Toronto office. I’m very comfortable discussing what may be difficult topics for you, such as marriage, couples and relationship issues, depression and anxiety, sexuality, and through counselling, finding ways to make your relationships better.

I am non-judgmental about diversity, and committed to helping you learn to make your life more satisfying. I have two graduate degrees, having studied both Communications and Counselling, and many years of helping people to reach their goals.

I want to be there when you need me to help with your marriage or other counselling, and I offer flexible hours – days, nights and weekends.

I believe love is a verb, and each person can choose to make their marriage better. While no one can guarantee results, there’s an excellent chance I can help you make your marriage and/or other relationships better!

If you seek marriage counselling or another kind of counselling but you’re not in Toronto, I also work by telephone and/or Skype. Call 416 406-5147 to set up an appointment today.

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