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Relationships Deserve Personalized Advice, Not Oversimplification

Recently I got a call from a writer at Macleans magazine, who wanted me to comment about whether couples should give each other their passwords.  I said that we all need to be able to vent to a friend from time to time, and that many of us would not want our partner reading some of the things we might say while we are venting… so on the whole, sharing passwords might not be such a great idea.  The writer pressed, wanting to know if ANY good could come from sharing passwords, and I admitted I had once suggested a couple share passwords after one had been in an affair and they were trying to rebuild trust.  Here is how my comment went into the article:


Moral of the story?  Please come in for INDIVIDUAL advice.  When you read an article, the suggestion might not apply to you — or it may be taken out of context.  Let’s talk about YOUR situation and work together to make it better in exactly the way that is best for you.  That’s how I like to do therapy!

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