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Are you having a Blue Christmas?

Blue Christmas was a song long ago by the famous 1950s singer Elvis Presley, based on the idea that Christmas without a certain someone just wasn’t the same. But there are many reasons you might be having a blue Christmas.

• Are you alone in a strange city?
• Is your marriage in trouble?
• Are you worried about one or more of your children?
• Do you have a loved one who is very ill? Or is this a time of year that really makes you miss a loved one who has passed on?
• Do you worry that you will spend this New Year’s Eve alone, and wonder if you will always be single?
• Are you scared you will be laid off In the New Year? Are you employed, but hating your job and feeling despair?

There are many legitimate reasons for feeling sad at this time of year. Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes it asks us to adjust to a lot.

If you are having a Blue Christmas, try to remember:
It’s not every day that has the kinds of expectations we attach to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You WILL get through this. Breathe, try to concentrate on the positives in your life, and just hang on.
Reach out to friends and even acquaintances. Sometimes an invitation will be happily granted. You just have to ask.

None of us knows what is just around the corner. If you look at not having what you want as an opportunity, you might surprise yourself.
• Maybe you would be happier in a new career field.
• Perhaps there are other friends who would suit you even better.
• Learning to let go of past failures opens you up for new successes.

It’s okay to feel sad. It’s also okay to “fake it ‘til you make it”, and join in where you are needed until you feel better. There are many charities that can use your help, and there is nothing like volunteering at a homeless shelter to remind you how your life is full of possibilities and opportunities. Or singing in a nursing home. Trust me, I know.
What can you do this year to help you keep your challenges in perspective?
I wish you all the best for this Christmas season and for the New Year. I will be working between Christmas and New Year’s, so if you need someone to talk with, please give me a call.

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