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Do you love yourself?

This Valentine's Day week, I gave some of my clients a special assignment.  I asked them to create a handmade Valentine -- for themselves!

It's not as strange as it seems.  For people struggling with self-esteem (and that's more of us than you might think), it's a terrific exercise.  What do you love and value about yourself?  If you were talking to yourself, what would you pat yourself on the back for?  What are you proud of?  What would you thank yourself for?

When we don't value ourselves, it is a lot harder to give others the love and recognition they deserve.  When we constantly criticize ourselves, it is likely we are hard on everyone else as well.  Not so much fun.  Not truly loving.

Let's try for something more.  Let's love the world, one person at a time.  Start with yourself. 

For those who are in romantic relationships, loving yourself can have a surprisingly good effect on how you get along with your partner.  In fact, loving yourself, warts and all, makes it POSSIBLE to really love a partner.  That's part of what love is... I know you, really know you, all of you, and I accept and love you just as you are.

Think you might like to treat yourself better?  Call me!  I can help.

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