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Bromance: Global TV asked my opinion

These days, straight males are not afraid to show affection for close friends, as a recent study of undergrad males in England revealed.   Global TV asked me if I thought this would lead to men having less need for women, since they can now have many of their emotional needs satisfied by men. 

Actually, Global's original question was whether this would lead to more objectification of women, but I commented that Tinder and online porn have had significant impacts in this area already!  

I prefer to think that now there is less homophobia, some men may now be able to have more significant relationships with other men, relationships involving sharing and emotional depth.  This would be much more satisfying than having only the activity-based relationships (i.e. golf buddy or drinking buddy) men have traditionally enjoyed.

Perhaps having experienced such relationship depth with another man will help young men learn to open up with women as well. Being able to open up to other people of BOTH genders is a wonderful thing, because humans NEED emotional intimacy in order to thrive.  And since the straight men in the study don’t actually want to have sex with another man, they will be much happier when they learn to be emotionally intimate with women as well as men. After all, sex that includes both emotional and physical intimacy is a whole lot better!

Anyway, here's the story.  I am only featured in a very short comment near the end.



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