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    "Marriages can become challenging, couples can fall out of love. Marriage counselling techniques can help recreate loving feelings."
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    "I’m very comfortable discussing what may be difficult topics for you, such as depression, anxiety and sexuality."
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Couples Counselling in Toronto

Every couple has challenges.

But if your relationship is being tested by numerous arguments, the silent treatment, an affair or another major issue, your challenges may feel too great to bear alone.

A trained counsellor can help you improve your communication, teach you how to “fight fair” and create conditions that could help you feel close once again.

Once a relationship is in trouble, the sooner you get counselling, the better.

  • Learn Techniques that may Help Stop Destructive Fights
  • Learn How to Communicate More Effectively
  • Learn Tricks that can Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Let me teach you new tools that could make a major change in your relationship.  My solution-oriented approach is geared to achieving results quickly.  My rates are affordable and I specialize in this area of practice.


Why Tammy?


  • MA (Communications) + MACP (Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology)
  • Member of OACCPP (Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists).
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