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Depression & Anxiety Counselling in Toronto

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness.

But depression and anxiety can make your life a lot less enjoyable.

If you are feeling low and unable to enjoy life, and experiencing sleep difficulties, a change in appetite or an inability to enjoy things that previously gave you pleasure, it is possible that you are depressed.

Learning techniques for dealing with depression and anxiety will give you new tools and could help you learn to lift your mood.

 Why Choose Tammy?

  • I offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a well-researched, proven technique for treating depression and anxiety.
  • My solution-oriented approach is geared to achieving results quickly.
  • You may appreciate my caring attitude and experience in helping clients
  • Graduate-level training in Psychology and Communications
  • Member in good standing of professional organization (OACCPP )
  • Member in good standing of College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

We are pleased to offer Skype online counselling!

 Anxious or depressed? Here are some ways to feel better.

If you feel awful every day, you may be clinically depressed or have generalized anxiety disorder. You could benefit from seeing a caring counsellor. I can help you discuss the underlying causes of your feelings as well as coach you in the moment to help lift your mood. Meanwhile, for a quick fix to get you through to our first appointment, consider:

  • Try looking at some of your personal photos. Looking at good times in your life can help you realize that your life isn’t all bad and good things will happen again. In one study, looking at personal photos did more to make people feel better than chocolate, alcohol or TV.
  • Sit and walk up straighter. When your posture is good and you face the world with a smile, your body will influence your mood – for the better!
  • Spend a few minutes making progress on something you really want to do. Do you want to plant a garden but haven’t had time? Get one plant potted. Or take the time to pick up one of the ingredients you need for a special meal. Or send a note following up with someone you want to know better. Anything that will make you feel you are moving toward a goal you care about.
  • Do a little exercise. Put on some music and dance a little. Or walk briskly around the park at the end of your street.
  • Learn to reframe. If there is something that is bothering you, try to see if there is something you are learning from it. If you can see this as an opportunity that will ultimately make you better, you may be happier about an obstacle.
  • Seize on any good news with enthusiasm. If a spouse or friend shares something positive, really enjoy sharing it with them. It will raise your mood and strengthen the relationship – which will also help you!
  • Spend a few minutes sitting quietly and contemplating something you are grateful for. Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude always helps with mood. Combining gratitude with mediation can be really helpful.

Can’t get to an appointment in the next week? I also offer text and email counselling, as well as appointment by Skype. Don’t wait to take action; I would love to talk with you at 416 406-5147. You can take a step to getting help now.

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